Wedding and prom season are here, or close. Those are occasions that make us think in advance what to wear, what to do with our hair and makeup. When a formal event takes place in late Spring/ Summer you know it will be hot and you will melt if you don't make the right decisions. We don't have prom in Croatia. The only high school related formal event for which we dress up to look all fancy is a dinner after the last year which is usually in June. In this post I'll show you some dresses and talk a bit about hair and makeup.

Part 1: Dresses I'll show you two dark and two light coloured dresses in collaboration with Pickedlooks.

You can find them in their Ball Dresses 2017 section.

Elegant Princess Tulle Floor-length with Pleats V-neck Ball Dresses

Scoop Neck Chiffon Floor-length Beading Ladies Ball Dresses

Long dresses are so elegant and you probably won't find yourself wearing them too much through life. So when you have the opportunity to wear one go for it. No matter your height or size you'll be able to find one that suits you. While going through Pickedlooks website these four different styles caught my attention.

Two piece dresses are such a thing now, there are even two piece wedding dresses. I don't know should we consider it as a skirt + top or a dress since you can wear it separately later (which is a big plus). This top has long sleeves but it's lace and transparent so it wouldn't make any problems during warm season and the bottom part has a high slit. Do I need to say anything about it? Just look how cool it looks. The other dress has a more classical feel to it. It's tighter in the waist, falls down beautifully and the top part has a discreet decolletage. Add some statement earrings or a discreet necklace and you have a classical romantic look.

Black Scoop Neck Lace Chiffon Ankle-length Split Front Two Piece Long Sleeve Ball Dresses

V-neck Tulle Short/Mini Appliques Lace Cap Straps Ball Dresses

Probably most of you think mermaid dresses suit more taller girls. But a friend of mine is a living proof that shorter girls can pull off a mermaid dress as good as anyone else. The dress accentuates all your beautiful curves in an elegant way.

And for the end this lovely flowy dress that looks like it belongs to a Disney Princess or some forest faerie. If we had prom I would definitely wear this one. I love everything about it. From the way it falls, the detail around waist, to the little dropping sleeves. Everything about this dress is enchanting.

A-line Off-the-shoulder Chiffon with Ruffles Floor-length Perfect Long Ball Dresses

Sweetheart Short/Mini Appliques Lace Organza Pretty Ball Dresses

You might get your hair professionally done but there will always be people who prefer doing their own. As a person with wavy messy hair whenever I wanna look neat and different I straighten my hair. Flat iron is my go to but it takes so much time and preparation. All that sectioning of hair, straightening a small parts at a time... haven't you wished there's a faster way? Well there is. I've recently come across hair brush straighteners but there are so many kinds for different hair types. So we wouldn't have to do all the research HotAirBrushReviews did it and made this easy infographic. They also have reviews of many other hairstyling tools so if you're planning to get some definitely check them out. After straightening your hair you can leave it like that, add some cute pin or head piece or you can make a braid from one section like in the photo. What I also like are little natural looking waves, nothing too exaggerated.

Cheap Sweetheart Silk-like Satin Sweep Train Trumpet/Mermaid Ball Dresses

Two-pieces Scoop Neck Tulle Short/Mini Beading Red Ball Dresses